Kimberly Poppiti has made various presentations of her research in academic settings. She has also designed and led many workshops and related production activities in conjunction with the production of educational theatre and has led many workshops relating to professional communication and public speaking. Her formal presentations include:

"Equestrian Drama" NEPCA (New England Popular Culture Association) accepted and anticipated, fall 2022.

“Communicating Culture: Horses on Stage in Nineteenth Century America.” Presentation for college-bound Long Island high school seniors, 2017.

"Communicating through Theatre: Free to be!" Presentations to k-4th grade Long Island students, 2013.

"The Uses and Benefits of Educational Theatre." Presentation and workshop presented at Dowling College.

“Symbolic Uses of Communication.” Chair of panel at New York State Communication Association Annual Conference.

“Horses and Dramatic Representations of the Horse on the American Theatrical Stage.” Paper presented at New York State Communication Association Annual Conference.

“19th century Treadmill and Panorama Stage Machinery.” Paper presented at Technology and the Humanities Conference at Dowling College.