Kimberly Poppiti, PhD, MFA, has been studying and writing about horses and theatre for years. She has published numerous related articles and is a two-time winner of the USITT's Herbert D. Greggs Award (2018 and 2013) for her writing about theatre design and technology. She is also a recipient of the USITT's Greggs Merit Award (2007), for her article on theatrical appliances used in the production of hippodrama. Kimberly is a college professor, teaching as part of the full-time faculty in the Department of Communication Studies at St. Joseph's University in Patchogue, New York. Prior to joining the faculty at St. Joseph's, she served as Department Chair for the Department of Communication & Performing Arts at Dowling College (where she taught until the College closed in 2016). Kimberly has worked extensively in educational theatre management and production, as well as with the development of new scripts for the stage; she is also a former professional and competitive equestrian.